Tips for Searching

You may search many times and in many different ways.

To begin:A good way to begin is to select one program area, such as dance or literature, science or music. In the Search Panel, uncheck all programs except that particular program. Click the Search Button or return on your keyboard. View the resulting list to see all programs of that type. If one program interests you, click on the pink Read More button to learn more about that program.

Other suggestions: Searches can include more than one program area as well as other criteria. You may want to choose a specific geographic area, select one age range, choose a specific start date from the pop-up calendar, or check Special Needs.

Certain combinations of criteria in a search can result in a long list of programs while others will find a short list of programs, one program, or no program at all. Refine and change your searches as many times as you wish. Program lists and descriptions can be printed so that you will have the information available when you contact the organization for more details and to register for a program.

To find a Member Organization’s complete listing of out-of-school time programs, select Organization in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Age Groups: Smart Culture Source ages appear on the search panel in three groups: Early Childhood, ages 3-6; Youth, ages 7-12; and Teen, ages 13-18. The default setting is all three age groups, ages 3-18. However, if one age group is selected, the programs found in that search will include all programs listing any age that fits in that category. For example, a search using Early Childhood, ages 3-6 might find a program that is described by an organization for ages 5-8.

Starts on or after this Date: Smart Culture Source arranges program start dates in three seasonal groups (fall, winter and summer) or those starting on or after Aug 15, on or after Jan 15; and on or after June 15. The default setting finds and lists all programs found with start dates in the current seasonal group and forward in the calendar. To find programs that begin on or after a specific date, select that date from the pop-up calendar. Reset returns to the default setting.

Geographic Area: Smart Culture Source organizations are selecting the region of Cuyahoga County where a program’s activities are to take place. While the default setting is the entire county, one area may be selected in a specific search.

Keyword searches: Entering words in the Keyword Search field, such as a program title, an organization name and other descriptive words, can help you find specific activities and program lists. If you are searching for an organization or program with an exact title or phrase, put those words in quotes, e.g. “dancing wheels.”

Have fun! Discover amazing art and culture activities available for kids in all corners of the county.