Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden's mission is grounded in the belief that quality-of-life can be improved through a better understanding of the interdependence of plants, people, and the environment. Perhaps the most significant challenge for the 21st Century is to find innovative ways to educate people about the importance of the environment and motivate responsible behavior that ensures a healthy future for all life on earth. Cleveland Botanical Garden is poised to make a significant impact—regionally and globally—on issues of environmental stewardship and sustainable community development.

From our home base in University Circle, to our off-site urban learning gardens and outdoor classrooms at Cleveland schools, the Garden provides sensory-rich environments to promote life-long learning. Our mission, blending education, social responsibility, culture and environmental stewardship, helps people of all ages and backgrounds appreciate and benefit from the positive role that plants play in their lives.

Director/CEO: Natalie Ronayne
Address: 11030 East Boulevard
City, State Zip: Cleveland, OH 44106

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Contact Person: Patrick Bauer
Phone: 216-721-1600
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