The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

From dinosaurs to rare diamonds and distant planets, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History provides a fun environment to explore the Earth and beyond. Learn about space in the planetarium. Be dazzled by gems and jewels. Meet "Lucy," one of humanity's earliest ancestors. Come face to face with the museum's dinosaurs, including a horned Triceratops, and "Jane," a juvenile tyrannosaur. See native Ohio animals, such as otters, bobcats, Bald Eagles and more in the Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden. The museum is located in University Circle, just 15 minutes east of downtown Cleveland.

Director/CEO: Bonnie Cummings
Address: 1 Wade Oval Drive
City, State Zip: Cleveland, OH 44106

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Contact Person: Shauna Peffer
Phone: 216-231-4600
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This organization has no programs listed - please check their website for more information.