Cleveland State University Dance Program

The Cleveland State University Dance Program makes dance exciting and accessible to students and the surrounding community. Students, professionals and the general public gain opportunities to view dance as a performance and creative artform, an educational tool, and a recreational activity. Through classes and performances, the CSU Dance Program extends educational opportunities and services, promotes the growth in creativity and develops aesthetic viewpoints. In addition, the program builds a diverse aesthetic, cultivates cultural appreciation and nurtures creative process in students, audiences and performers. Participants work with nationally recognized performers, choreographers and educators in workshops and masterclasses in technique, creative process, teaching methods, and world dance forms.

Cleveland State University Dance Program is a member of Cleveland Arts Education Consortium (CAEC).
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Director/CEO: Lynn Deering, Dance Program Director
Address: Physical Education Bldg. 214, 2451 Euclid Ave
City, State Zip: Cleveland, OH 44115

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Contact Person: Lynn Deering
Phone: 216-687-4883
Website URL:

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