D.O.T.N. Inc.

Our ultimate goal is to provide numerous types of arts and education programming for at risk youth of all ages within Cuyahoga County in effort to instill positive moral values that will improve their self-esteem, academic excellence and sportsmanship.

Our main goal is to keep as many of our youth off the streets, focused and doing something positive within their own communities and beyond for as long as we possibly can. Although we concentrate in many other important life skills for our kids, our main passion in the Arts is the Art Of Stepping. The Art Of Stepping and the world of competing among our school age kids to include both male and female has drastically declined here in Cleveland throughout the years to include our public school system which are now strictly R.O.T.C. and we are now desperately trying to bring this specific art back to our fair city. We firmly believe the Art Of Stepping is not only a form of exercise which keeps our kids physically active keeping them up and moving putting a curve in childhood obesity but also helps in certain areas such as developing teamwork, self respect and self esteem, respect for others, kindness, discipline, and synchronization just to name a few. We currently have an all female military precision style drill team up under our umbrella called the Daughters Of The Nile Drill Team (AKA D.O.T.N.) in which we are currently holding Ongoing Open Registration for all girls ages 9-21.

Director/CEO: Renee Alexander, Director
Address: #297 16781 Chagrin Blvd.
City, State Zip: Shaker Heights, OH 44120

Organization Contact Info:

Contact Person: Renee Alexander
Phone: 2162254221
Website URL: www.dotninc.org

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