International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF)- Cleveland

The International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF) is dedicated to bringing the arts to schools and communities through programs that promote cultural understanding and creative expression. Foundation programs explore the history, art and music of the blues and demonstrate the vast influence of the blues on contemporary music and culture. Programs draw upon the universal language of music and art to encourage creative expression and cultural understanding.

International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF)- Cleveland is a member of Cleveland Arts Education Consortium (CAEC).
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Director/CEO: Meri Ruble, Program Coordinator
Address: 308 Euclid Avenue
City, State Zip: Cleveland, OH 44114

Organization Contact Info:

Contact Person: Meri Ruble, Program Coordinator
Phone: 216-274-3380
Website URL:

Program Listing

This organization has no programs listed - please check their website for more information.