The Musical Theater Project

Americans have an enduring love affair with Broadway and Hollywood musicals. It's our very own art form, combining song and dance to express what we can be at our best. More than 100 years of America's cultural history is tied to our musicals, and The Musical Theater Project’s concerts, cabarets and school programs document and celebrate that history in a seamless blend of quality entertainment and education.

In addition to "The Song Is You!" concert series and the weekly educational radio program, "Footlight Parade," The Musical Theater Project brings the high spirit of the American musical into classrooms and community settings through “Kids Love Musicals!”—a hands-on, two-day residency program that uses the themes of classic musicals to explore the personal relevance of this multi-layered art form. Kids employ singing, dancing, imagination, creativity and reasoning skills to learn more about themselves and their world, all through the lives and dreams of characters from Peter Pan, Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz.

The Musical Theater Project is a member of Cleveland Arts Education Consortium (CAEC).
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Director/CEO: Bill Rudman
Address: 11820 Edgewater Drive Suite 512
City, State Zip: Lakewood, OH 44303

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Contact Person: Heather Meeker
Phone: 216-529-9411
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